June 29, 2009

bowl of fresh peas


  1. Okay....bowl of fresh peas.
    When do we eat?

  2. My beans are finally starting to climb up the trellis! Yeah. Go beans go! Go beans go!

    Now why am I chanting that?? Yep I am nuts.

  3. I like how you have so many blogs like me! I am finally getting into using my camera the right way, and hope to have great photos like yours!

    Was never a big fan of peas, but now they have grown on me!

  4. love your photos. can't pick a favorite. some are just obviously pleasing. i commented here on this one because many wouldn't photograph this yet it is really cool. sometimes thats how i test myself when i am out with others. how many photos did i shoot that no one else saw?
    all the best, nikonsniper steve

  5. those peas look DELICIOUS. i love fresh peas. i won't eat them any other way.

  6. heaven... i want to eat your blog


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