June 3, 2009

The Accidental Carrot and a Few Other Garden Photos

While I was planting my garden I accidentally spilled my carrot seeds. This one is growing under my sunflower.

I bought the wrong kind of peas. I thought that I got bush peas. Now, I need to build something for them to climb.

My sunflowers are going crazy!

So are my roses!

Don't these flowers remind you of a Spanish Dancer's Skirt?

My husband transplanted this Lily. We didn't think it would survive.

My husband said he liked the shape of this one.

And look, I have a strawberry! Now I just hope I can just keep those pesky slugs away!


  1. I like the wild gardens! My entire landscape berm outside my kitchen window is a mess of native grasses and plants "planted" to look wild. Now who gets to eat that berry??? You better be the one I am thinking. And the roses are like a frilly skirt in a swirling wind storm! Very pretty indeed. Thanks for all your good plant photos.

  2. Aw, your garden pictures are so beautiful!

  3. Geez, I didn't even know you had another blog! Great photos...flowers are always so photogenic ;) Thanks for pointing me this way!! Can't wait to see more.

  4. Wow! Look at everything go! The carrot seed incident made me chuckle.

    Your garden is growing very well!

  5. You have so many beautiful flowers! I love all the pink. :) The accidental carrot is too funny - we have accidental marigolds all over the place thanks to my 3yo (or at least that's the story).


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