April 14, 2009

You know you're a real housewife when...

So when I decided on the name for this blog I thought a photo of a Little Debbie pie would make for the perfect header. I grabbed my wallet, jumped in my car and headed to the mini-market for my pie.

The guy at the counter kept looking at me and smiling. Boy, what a friendly place! On top of that, they had a phenomenal wine selection!

The guy told me that the apple pies were awesome but that the chocolate ones were just gross and I should avoid trying one of those. I explained that I wasn't going to eat the pie, I was just buying it to take a picture of it. He just looked at me with kind of a blank look on his face.

I rushed home, ran to my camera and started snapping pictures. I happened to look up in the mirror on my wall and noticed I was wearing this towel over my shoulder! Nice!

Have you ever done this? I have to say, it's a first for me!

I guess I'm a real housewife now!