July 13, 2009

my zinnias are blooming! -Today's Flower Post

I am sending my zinnias over to Today's Flowers. Go check out this blog, it is so gorgeous!

I took a little walk through the garden today and discovered that my zinnias are blooming! I have never grown zinnias, in fact, I really didn't even known what a zinnia looked like until this summer. I have quickly fallen in love with these sweet flowers. Daisies are my number one but I have to say these are running a close second.

My zinnia seeds were a lovely surprise gift from Molly the Pirate. She tucked them in with an order I placed for some of the beautiful earrings that she makes for her Etsy shop.

I am intrigued by these flowers. They are so interesting. Each one is unique and the detail in the center is amazing!

Thanks again Molly for your thoughtful gift! :0)


  1. Beautiful zinnias. I love your place list. I got lots of song suggestions to dance around the kitchen to.

  2. Yayyyyy! Aren't they just gorgeous? So fun to see them. They were just little seeds when I saw them last, haha!

    And they will keep opening up and getting bigger...well they should...if they aren't being eaten to death by slugs like mine are this year. :S

  3. Beautiful! My zinnias should bloom any day now!

  4. I have been looking at your blogs and they made me so hungry...I want a Strawberry Soda Cupcake...NOW :)

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  5. You Z's are so colorful and bright. I have had bad luck with Z's this year for some reason. Cant quite figure it out.

    The beans are growing like crazy and the other vegetables are booming. So at least something is growing well at my house besides these flowers...

    How are you putting your water marks on your photographs??

  6. I posted a shot of my zinnias finally. :)

  7. Great photos and I love your chili shot!

  8. beautiful flowers - so intricate.

  9. I love zinnias too. Why didn't I buy some seeds this year? Hmmm. I must not have seen a package. Beautiful blooms.

  10. I Love Zinnias! I have been growing them for years. I started late this year so I am just now getting blooms. This is my first time here and I love it.


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