May 14, 2009

Flowers In My Yard

Here is what going on around my yard right now!

I have never seen a daisy quite like this before. I told that slug to put away his skateboard when he was finished riding it. He's worse than my kids!!

Here are some new lovelies I can't wait to put in.

These are happy little flowers too.

Gerbera Daisies are one of my most favorite.

These are so wild! They came up by themselves and they are now almost taller than me!
Maybe Julia will know!

My Nasturtiums have a way to go.

These grow like weeds around my yard! I don't mind a bit.

I can smell the lilacs on the air when I go out my door.


  1. I loved the pictures! I couldn't see all of them but I saw most of them. Love the little violets growing wild all over the place. We call them johnny-jump-ups and they just grow like crazy, just like weeds. I even find them in my lawn.

    That first flower is an amazing shape, like a pinwheel. I hope your slugs are better trained than mine are, lol!

    I am enjoying that book. We need to tighten our belts and so I'm hoping for some inspiration and motivation from it!

    I am just going to have to sit down and look at the budget and figure our how to tighten up. In this economy I want to be saving, not spending.

  2. Yes, it is wierd, because I think they probably both taste so much alike.

  3. What amazing flowers and I love your blog! Come stop by and check out my recipe post up today. I was thinking of you as I wrote it =)

  4. Nice flowers for your yard. I knew which daisy you were talking about from before and could not find the official name for it. But I think it is a variety of African daisy. The curled petals are so nice. They can be kind of weedy but I would be happy with that kind of weed. I only wish that the pansies would grow year round here as a weed. Natives die out fast and grow only during Feb-April. Ornamentals need lots of water...

    It is 103 here today and I am hating it. I really don't like the hot weather one little bit. More and more I want to have cooler summers. It's just about HOW??? We can't move so I will have to survive.

    Bye for now!

  5. Visiting from the Sitsahood... I LOVE the skateboard in the flowerbed... and WHAT IS THAT flower??? Amazing. I wonder if they would grow here in ohio... hmmm.

  6. Love the pics of your flowers!! I can't wait to smell my own lilacs... they are almost in bloom and I blogged about them today!! I am anxious I guess... that is the only thing blooming here...:(

  7. Your flowers are amazing! I am truly jealous---- everything I plant gets eaten by the deer. :) I like the deer, though, so I've decided I'm ok with it.

  8. Love all the pics, but that first one is amazing!

  9. Don't you just love the scent of lilac! Gorgeous flowers :)

  10. oh lovely. I gave up on my yard and garden, so expensive to water, no built in system either and well, rates go up all the time and it is soooooo dry here..
    But I would very much enjoy a snctuary.


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