May 23, 2009

Eagle Crest Trip

We took a little trip with my husband's family to Eagle Crest in Central Oregon. It is just heavenly over there! I'm feeling lazy so these photos are in no particular order.

This is at the park in Bend.

Spectacular mountain views!

A little game of putt-putt.

Another shot at the park.

The boy is trying to look like the monkey on his hat! Silly Monkey!

These deer let us get within a few feet and take some photos.

There were so many robins and other beautiful brightly colored birds over there.

The girl and I got to do a little riding.

Now, that just isn't nice!

We had a really great time! We also swam a little and biked a little.
This is my favorite part of the state. If you ever get a chance, I would highly recommend visiting Central Oregon. It's magnificent!


  1. What a nice vacation. The deer next to the house crack me up. They are like that here too except luckily they cant reach our property since we are a couple fencelines away from open space.

    But looks like you were in some sage scrub habitat too. I would have loved to investigate that area.

    Good horses for you two. Although the Appy was a little cross in the cross ties. I guess she does not like her picture taken.

    Vacations can be unfun sometimes (personal experience) but it looks like yours was well worth it.

  2. It's been awhile since I've been to Oregon. And the last time I was there, we were in the snow!

    It looks like you had a nice and relaxing trip. Welcome back!

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  4. Oh it looks to beautiful!! Wow~ Looks like you all had gorgeous weather and a great time!


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