April 14, 2009

You know you're a real housewife when...

So when I decided on the name for this blog I thought a photo of a Little Debbie pie would make for the perfect header. I grabbed my wallet, jumped in my car and headed to the mini-market for my pie.

The guy at the counter kept looking at me and smiling. Boy, what a friendly place! On top of that, they had a phenomenal wine selection!

The guy told me that the apple pies were awesome but that the chocolate ones were just gross and I should avoid trying one of those. I explained that I wasn't going to eat the pie, I was just buying it to take a picture of it. He just looked at me with kind of a blank look on his face.

I rushed home, ran to my camera and started snapping pictures. I happened to look up in the mirror on my wall and noticed I was wearing this towel over my shoulder! Nice!

Have you ever done this? I have to say, it's a first for me!

I guess I'm a real housewife now!


  1. Ooops!

    I haven't done that before but I have walked out of the house with my fly down.

    I love Little Debbie snacks. We currently have Oatmeal Cream Pies and Marshmallow Pies from her in my cupboard. Mmmm.

  2. It could have been worse. Say for instance you have your six-weeks check-up with your gyno and you wake up late for the appointment because your twins decided they weren't going to sleep. So you wake-up and shower, quickly rush out the door leaving your children with your husband. After your appointment you come home and go about your daily duty. It is now the end of the day when your hubby looks at you and says, "your shirt's on backwards.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. Haven't done that, but I have had a dryer sheet stuck to my back! And more embarassing my nursing bra not hooked and hanging down - while you can't see my breast you can certainly tell I'm not all together. Oh dear! I'm overly cautious to the point of obsessive now when it comes to that.

  4. Ahhh yes, that has happened to me too. No mistaken I am a mom!

    Stopping in from SITS

  5. Visiting from SITS. Never down that, but I have driven my kids to school in my pjs!

  6. hahahaha! Well, I did put my sweatshirt on backwards one time, with the logo on the back instead of the front!

  7. Wait a minute... you didn't EAT the pie????

  8. I find myself with a towel over my shoulder all the time. I feel like I should be tending bar at Cheers.

  9. Too funny...I have walked all through my neighborhood with my apron on.

  10. Oh my goodness so funny! I HAVE done things like that. For some reason my kitchen towels or burp clothes always end up on my shoulder and they are likely to stay there all day!

  11. I think I remember going out of the house with a towel on my shoulder... I used to dream of going to school in my pink fuzzy slippers.... it was not stylish in "those" days. Ha!

  12. love the music!!!
    lovely family dear wish I lived in your neck of the woods.!
    I follow you now.
    Thanks for following me..
    the giveaway will end this weekend.


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